Short information on Nepal 

The kingdom Nepal is situated in Asia and covers an area of 147.181 km².
Nepal lies between the two countries with the highest population on earth: India in the south, east and west of the country and the Tibetan region of China in the north. Eight of the ten highest mountains on earth are in Nepal. Over 40 percent of the country lie above an altitude of 3.000 meters sea level. The highest mountain is Mount Everest with an altitude of 8.848 meters. The population is an ethnic and cultural minority mosaic with more than 100 different castes and more than 70 different languages and idioms.

• Capital:
Kathmandu with a population of 900.000
• Official language: Nepalese
• Form of government: Parlamentary Republic
• Area: 147.181 km² (Austria: 83.871 km²)
• Population: 28.287.147 (Austria: 8.299.075)
• GDP/resident: 1.600 US dollars (Austria: 37.117 US dollars)