How can you help?

With your donation you support the activities of our association directly. Every single Euro from donations will go to the projects of Sancho directly - without any deductions. The possibilities for donation are:

   •  Free donations
   •  Membership fees¹
   •  Sponsorship
   •  Town-/village twinning

¹ For a membership in the association Sancho please transfer the annual fee of EUR 48,- to our bank account
  and announce your personal data (name, address, phone-no., e-mail-address) - we will send you a
  confirmation of your membership and further details.

Account for donations Austria:
Bank                                 Sparkasse Schwaz
Name of recipient             SANCHO
IBAN²                                AT52 2051 0004 0040 3242
BIC³                                  SPSCAT22

² International Bank Account Number
³ Bank Identifier Code

Account for donations Germany:
Bank                                 Raiffeisenbank Unterneukirchen, Aigen 1, 84579 Unterneukirchen
Name of recipient             Sancho Nepal Deutschland
Account no.                      1000 599 94
Bank identification code   701 695 76
IBAN²                                DE62 7016 9576 0100 0599 94
BIC³                                  GENODEF1TUS